1st Movie Experience in a Year

Tamarindo movie nightThere’s no movie theater in Tamarindo, the nearest one would be in Liberia.  Before the Oscar’s, I was talking with different friends who were telling me about the movies they were going to see that had been nominated.  I hadn’t heard of any of them – that’s just not a part of life down here on the Rich Coast.

So when I saw a Tamarindo facebook post that Chasing Mavericks was playing at the soccer field, I texted a friend and convinced her to go with me!  We brought blankets, food and drinks and settled onto the dry grass field in front of a large screen that was projecting the movie from a computer.

It’s these moments that I so enjoy and which ease the frustrations and complications of living here.  The cinematography was amazing and knowing that I had been at Mavericks, one of the days that they were filming the movie, made it that much sweeter.

Pura vida…Chrissy