First Storm of the Season

Winter in Costa RicaWinter is on its way in Costa Rica and that’s a good thing since we desperately need water here in the Guanacaste province.  All of our river beds are dry and fires continue to burn.

We’re starting to see clouds form around the area – something we haven’t really seen since November!  And while the air is definitely more humid, we’re still experiencing temperatures in the 90’s.  On Friday night, we had a spectacular lightning show but, unfortunately, no rain fell in the Langosta area.

Then yesterday, the clouds formed again in the late afternoon and we got our first storm.  In true tropical weather fashion, it lasted less than an hour but still, it brought a freshness to the air for that one hour.  It also brought a power outage which, in turn, created a water outage.  About 3 minutes into the rain falling, everyone in my building could hear a loud boom.  I ran down to a neighbor’s house because I thought a pole had fallen down but he told me that this is just typical for the first storm – the salt or dust or dirt builds up on the transformer during the summer season which then blows out with the first rain.

So for almost five hours we were without water or power.  And like I mentioned, it’s still really hot here so having no fan or a/c was a bit miserable.  Finally at 9 p.m. the electrical company showed up and within minutes had our power back on.

Of course, this morning, I woke up to blue skies and sunshine.  But one more week and we should see the return of the winter season to our tropical dry forest.  And I, for one, am looking forward to the cooler, 85 degree temperatures.

Pura vida…Chrissy