The Changing Seasons in Costa Rica

March - Playa San Juanillo

March – Playa San Juanillo

In the last few months, I’ve done a lot of driving around the Nicoya Peninsula and it’s interesting how, right now, it reminds me of Sonoma County in Springtime.  All of the trees lost their leaves in mid-summer and are now sprouting new green growth and flowers.  It seems backwards to me – to have summer first and then spring and to have summer be the time of year when all the trees go dormant.  It’s something I’m still trying to get my head wrapped around.  But if you ask people here, they’ll tell you we only have two seasons – winter and summer.  And really (and again, strangely), the trees flower all summer long at different times.

April - Playa San Juanillo

April – Playa San Juanillo

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