The New Normal: Life in Costa Rica

Here are the not-so-normal things that have become a normal part of my daily life, living here in Costa Rica for the last year…

  • Living on a dirt road and having a 1 minute walk to the beach
  • Having a dirty house all the time because of the dirt road
  • Haven’t worn jeans, long pants, long sleeved shirts, socks (other than at Lapa Rios), tennis shoes or any other type of close toed shoe, or sweaters (other than the jacket in Turrialba) in a year
  • $6 for soy milk and $8 for Kashi cereal
  • No bulk products (I really miss bulk almonds and quinoa)
  • Earthquakes and aftershocks
  • Electrical outages
  • Internet outages
  • Water outages
  • Dealing with the “no return policy” even if something breaks
  • Never receiving any mail, even when I know something has been mailed to me
  • Not feeling safe, always double checking doors and windows and putting everything away at night
  • $30 bottles of wine that are really only worth $10
  • Legally buying Havana Club
  • No Reese’s peanut butter cups (unless I make them myself)
  • A weird laundry machine that eats my clothes
  • No dryer
  • Ants, scorpions and geckos running around my house
  • A life without yellow lemons 90% of the time
  • No movie theater
  • No car
  • Expensive taxi’s
  • 85+ degrees every day
  • 2 seasons-Winter during summer and summer during winter
  • No daylight savings time
  • Unrefrigerated eggs
  • Not having easy access, or any access at all, to sustainable products and services
  • No pet supply stores
  • No health insurance
  • House calls by doctors and vets that cost less than going to them in the States with health insurance
  • Getting medication without a prescription
  • Weekly housekeeping
  • Early sunsets year round
  • Year round tropical fruits but very limited access to anything that is not grown locally (or it’s very expensive and not so fresh); i.e. $0.70 for a mango versus $1.25 for a small, somewhat rotten, apple
  • Haven’t eaten or seen chard in the last year
  • Using duct tape and super glue more often than I’d like and on some strange things
  • Not having an oven or kitchen counter space
  • Not having a microwave or dishwasher and only one small, round sink that doesn’t fit my square dishes
  • No heater
  • No smoke detectors
  • Making a lot less money and learning to live with less (hence the need for super glue and duct tape) as well as not being able to travel and explore as much as I’d like.

And last but not least…

Acceptance that this is just the new normal for my life, here on the Rich Coast.

Pura vida…Chrissy

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  1. Girl, you ROCK! I am swamped until Wednesday…funny how I wished for more work and got it just when I need time to prepare for the intensive I am heading to in June! I told you about that, right? Let’s connect though…Thursday or Friday? XOXO M

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