Hiking, Yoga and Raw Food at Hacienda del Sol

Breakfast at Hacienda del SolThis month, I spent another week at Hacienda del Sol…soaking up the sunshine and enjoying the outdoors.  I love going there – not just because it’s a very special place but also because when I’m there, I’m outside almost the entire day.  While I was still working on my client’s accounts, all of my work was either done from my private casita’s hammock or the open-air dining area.  I love being in the fresh, tropical air – something that I don’t get at home in Langosta, given my 2nd story loft condo.

It was a small group on this week-long retreat and we thoroughly enjoyed twice daily yoga classes with Nadia, hiking with the owners, Crystal and Ramiro, and delicious raw food meals lovingly prepared by the kitchen staff and Crystal.

The hikes were relatively easy and a few hours each – mostly along jungle paths and the beautiful black and white sand beaches near San Juanillo.  We saw huge colonies of hermit crabs (big ones!), many species of birds and all of the trees were just starting to spring into life with new leaves.

On our last day, I enjoyed a foot detox and massage, given by Menlha.  She put my feet into a little tub of water with some type of electronic contraption inside it and I can’t begin to tell you the amount of debris that was in the tub after 30 minutes of soaking.  I really don’t understand how it works but hoping my body is a little more detoxed at this point!

We ended the retreat with a hike from Playa Ostional to San Juanillo’s black sand beach.  It was a bit of a wild hike, traversing cliff-like tide pools and one very short, but very steep, hill.  But it was all worth it when we arrived and had a bonfire on the beach, watching the sunset and enjoying a delicious raw food meal.

This is a special place where connections are made – not just with the retreatants but also with the owners and team who work there.

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Pura vida…Chrissy

Note: While I am now paid and/or receive comped services at many of the places I visit, I will always offer my unbiased opinion to you, my readers. Fortunately, I almost always have experiences that exceed my expectations.