A little bit of Harmonious Inspiration

DSC08357While visiting Panacea last week, we couldn’t not be inspired by the painted rocks and signs which had been created by former guests and placed around the mountain.  Attached to tree trunks, placed under benches and set on hillsides, each one provided us with a message of harmonious inspiration for the soul.

I overheard one guest comment: It’s nice to walk around the property and see so many inspiring messages.  And it’s totally true – it really brightens up your day when, at every turn, you see a positive and lovingkind message.

Enjoy the slideshow and let me know…which one inspires you the most?

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Pura vida…Chrissy

2 thoughts on “A little bit of Harmonious Inspiration

  1. LOVE this post Chrissy. Thanks for taking the photos and sharing here. I wonder if it was more than one person who made them. (each looked so different, so I suspect it was many good people’s good intentions.)

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