Super Moons, Earthquakes and Thunderstorms on the Rich Coast

Rainy season in Costa RicaIt’s been a wild few weeks here in the sleepy little town of San Juanillo.  One rainy afternoon there was a lightning storm and we swear the bolt hit our main building.  We were sitting in the office and the zap of the light and A/C was a sound we’ve never heard before.  Then the power went out for about 18 hours.  From there, the internet really never came back on but the internet company never came out.  We had no internet for over 10 days!  Talk about going mental in the jungle!

And it should be noted that when the electricity goes out, so does the water.  So no electricity, no water, no internet.  I could probably do without electricity and water as long as I had internet.  God please don’t take away my internet!

Other incredible storms have passed through the last few days that have brought lightning every 15-20 seconds for what seems like hours on end!  You really begin to wonder if the rain is ever going to stop falling!

Then last weekend was the “Super Moon” and I did a little reading up on it a few days before.  The article I read said that it can cause earthquakes and other natural disasters and I thought…Nah, that’s not going to really happen.  But at 2 p.m. on the day of the Super Moon, we had two 5+ earthquakes plus several aftershocks centered about 30 miles from where I live.  All the while it was pouring down rain.  At one point, I could no longer tell if there was an aftershock or if it was just thunder shaking the open air building I was working in.

There’s a girl here teaching English to the Hacienda del Sol staff and local people in town who is from Australia.  After the second 5+ earthquake, she left her room and came up to the dining hall to find me and say…Wow, I nearly had a heart attack!  Coming from California, I forget how scary earthquakes can be for those who have never experienced them!  Especially when they successively hit within minutes of one another.  And you’re in a termite-ridden building that you’re not totally sure is structurally sound.

Living in Costa Rica is never dull…that’s for sure!

Pura vida…Chrissy