Wood Oven Pizza for Pick Up in Nosara

Nosara Pizza Place The other day I was driving with my boss to Nosara and when we stopped at the gas station, we noticed a handwritten sign on a bulletin board that said, in Spanish, “Wood oven pizza for pickup” with a few types of pizza listed below.  It was almost lunch and we were both hungry so we decided to call the number and order a few pizzas to go.

It turned out this wasn’t a restaurant or even a local soda, it was just someone at their home, trying to make a living.  We got lost getting there as the directions were a bit vague (as always) but when we arrived, the chef and his young daughter greeted us with big smiles and handed us two large pizza boxes.  He told us that he was an out-of-work chef and was just trying to make ends meet which is why he put the sign up at the gas station, in the hopes of getting some business.Nosara wood oven pizza

Life can be difficult – We have to be innovative and think outside of the box in order to survive.  And we have to support others in their endeavors to thrive.  I encourage you to support your local community members, you never know what kind of difference it can make in someone’s life.

Pura vida…Chrissy