The little towns of Costa Rica

It’s so strange to live in and visit towns of less than 200 people.  And so often you drive through these little towns and think…what do these people do here? There seems to be nothing there!  No industry, very few restaurants, no stores, libraries, etc.

I know that many of them are in agriculture and others drive, bus or bike many kilometers to get to larger tourist areas.  There seems to be some that mostly live off the land they live on and maybe own the local soda (a small family owned restaurants that serves mostly casado’s), pulperia (a very small, basic grocery store) or a road side fruit stand.

???????????????????????????????There’s a certain charm to these little towns. When you consider that the entire country of Costa Rica has a population of about 4.7 million and I come from a state that has almost 40 million people, well that says a lot right there about my perspective.  I don’t miss sitting in traffic, the cars, the overwhelming numbers of people, the fast food restaurants on every corner…It’s so calming to drive around little towns and just be able to breathe!

I like how every small town in Costa Rica has the same components – a futbol field, a church, a bar and a soda. Not all towns have schools but most seem to have at least one and that one may be a single classroom that teaches to all grade levels.  And everybody knows everybody.

There’s almost always a Super (grocery store), at least one if not several.  If not a Super than definitely a pulperia. And maybe a pharmacy and hardware store, if you’re lucky.  Banks are more difficult to find in these little towns.

The mail is delivered by motorcycle (can you imagine trying to deliver the mail by moto in the States!!) and at the post office, you can recharge your prepaid cell phone and pay your utility bills.

Nosara Post Office

Nosara Post Office

You really have to experience it for yourself to fully understand just how different it is here and understand that there are different ways to live one’s life…that a Starbuck’s on every corner is most definitely not a necessity.

Enjoy the slideshow of the little towns of Costa Rica…

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Pura vida…Chrissy