Rainbow Sunsets, Dancing in Marbella, Beers and Boys in Bus Stops

San Juanillo Bar, Costa RicaMy last few nights in San Juanillo, I hung out with friends that I had made during my short stay there.  And I had so much fun.  I really felt like a teenager again. One night, we started out at the bar in San Juanillo, dancing to salsa (we were the only ones there) and eventually made our way to Marbella (another tiny town known for its great surf) and a “dance club/bar” where, again, we were the only ones dancing to the hip hop music.

Another night, we drove down to San Juanillo’s Black Sand Beach to drink a few beers and watch the sunset.  And a stunning rainbow appeared.  It was pure magic.  Totally worth the motorcycle burn I got just a few minutes before.

San Juanillo rainbow

From there, we drove to the local bar but the “abuela’s” (older folks) were working that night so there was no smoking in the bar and everyone was hanging out at the bus stop.  A constant stream of guys on their motos pulled up and chatted, smoked a cigarette or a joint and then headed off to wherever they were going.



A fun dinner was then enjoyed at the local restaurant that had just re-opened and my friend’s puppies were entertaining as they ran around the table, begging for the crust from our pizzas.


Such simplicity there in San Juanillo.  Such a different way of life.  I hope to find a way to embody some of that into this new chapter I’ve begun here in Manuel Antonio.  Of course, I’d prefer to do it without the hangovers that followed those nights.  I am definitely not a teenager anymore!

Pura vida…Chrissy