No More Zoos in Costa Rica

Capuchin white faced monkey and baby in Manuel AntonioWow, to be honest with you, when this article (click here) came across my Facebook newsfeed this weekend, I thought…Is this for real?  Can it actually be possible that a country is taking steps to become more humane towards all living creatures on our planet?  Allowing them to live freely, in their natural state?

Well, to keep this post short and sweet…yes it is possible.  As of March 2014, there will be no more zoos in Costa Rica.  So totally proud to live in a country that understands the interconnections of our planet and that holding animals in captivity for the purpose of human entertainment is wrong and inhumane.

This is not our world to dominate…it is our world to share, learn from and love.  Let us hope that other countries will follow suit and we may all live in harmony together.

Pura vida para todos…Chrissy