Ocean King Cruise Adventures in Manuel Antonio

After the last post about no more zoos in Costa Rica…it’s only fitting I follow up with something related: the awesome opportunity to see wild animals in their natural environment.

Last weekend, I took a half day cruise on the Ocean King, Manuel Antonio’s largest catamaran.  I actually think it may be Costa Rica’s largest catamaran.  It’s 100 feet long and can hold up to 200 people but there were only about 60 people on the tour that morning.  It even has 2 cold water jacuzzi’s and 2 water slides off the top deck!

Ocean King catamaran with jacuzzis

We boarded the catamaran directly from the Marina Pez Vela dock (thank god…I’m not so balanced when it comes to getting on and off of dinghy’s).  And after safety speeches in both English and Spanish, we set sail into the open water to look for dolphins, whales and sea turtles who call the 55,000 hectares of marine space in Manual Antonio National Park home.

We found spotted dolphins, quite a few actually.  And some swimming with babies.  Only a few wanted to play, jumping out of the water giving us a natural and awesome show…so much better than anything you can get from watching them in a tiny tank at Sea World or other marine parks.  Here, in this vast open ocean, they are allowed to be their natural selves and most chose to gracefully and quietly swimming next to our boat.  No whale or sea turtle sightings that day but they had seen them the day before.  There’s no guarantee on seeing wild animals in their natural setting.  But for me, that’s what makes it so much more special when they do choose to grace us with their presence.

Dolphins in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

From there, we circled around the public beaches of Manuel Antonio (Espadilla and Playitas) as well as one of the private beaches inside the National Park.  We stopped at one of the many islands that surround the local shore to watch the Brown Booby birds.  Here they can mate and nest with very little threat of predators.  There was another type of bird but I didn’t catch its name…maybe one of you can tell me the name of the white and pink bird in the slideshow below.

We then headed over to Biesanz Beach where we dropped anchor to snorkel.  It was a bit of a green water day which means very little visibility but it was still refreshing to jump into the 84 degree water and soak up the sunshine on the trampoline afterwards with a refreshing cold beer in hand.

Snorkelling in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

I’ve recommended catamaran adventures when vacationing in Tamarindo and this crew and catamaran in Manuel Antonio are no different.  Fun and friendly crew, awesome nature sightings and a relaxing environment.  A perfect break from my regular daily routine.

Enjoy the slideshow…

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Pura vida…Chrissy

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  1. I think the bird is more black and white then pink. But if it has a reddish pink throat it was a frigate.


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