Weird and Pretty Insects of Costa Rica

Never did I think I’d write “pretty and insects” in the same sentence!  But I’ve come to acknowledge that some insects can be rather cool looking with pretty colors and interesting textural details…the only rule I have with them is they cannot land on me and they cannot enter my house.  Their fate is not guaranteed if they come into my house.  Take for example this gigantic cockroach who decided he liked my toothbrush…and who took a long swim down my toilet.  Yes, I might be a vegetarian, but when gross cucarachas take up residence on something I use every day…all bets are off.

Costa Rica cockroach

The cicadas below deliver a melodic chorus throughout the day and into the night.  They like to hangout on the branches of trees and sing to their heart’s content.  Some people may find their monotonous sound annoying but I rather like it.  It drowns out any noise I may be hearing from the main road off in the distance and gives me a daily reminder that I live in a jungle paradise.

Patience and a little bit of courage is required to photograph the insects of Costa Rica.  Especially those that fly.  The grasshopper below erratically flew right at me and hit me in the face.  They really have no sense of direction or ability to fly gracefully.

Costa Rica grasshopper

This colorful bumblebee was already dead when I came across it.  For days after, I had the baby bumblebee children’s song stuck in my head.


And then there are the funny little beetles (at least, I think they’re beetles), that get flipped over and can’t right-side themselves.  This one ended up with a leaf on its tummy.  Not to worry, I right-sided it and it wandered off.

Ah well, all in a day’s work.

Pura vida…Chrissy