Life in Manuel Antonio’s Jungle

Capuchin white faced monkey and babyA few people have asked me…have you visited the Park yet?  The Park being Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica’s gem on the Central Pacific Coast.  No, haven’t gone yet.  I’ve been 3 times in the past but haven’t visited since moving here.  There are a few reasons why…

  1. There’s a $15 roundtrip taxi ride to the Park
  2. There’s a $10 entrance fee
  3. It’s next to pointless to go without a guide as it’s difficult to find wildlife on your own and the guides somehow know where everything exists in the jungle.  And they have really cool scopes that I can put one of my camera lens on and take super clear photos of really faraway animals or tiny insects and amphibians.

And probably the most important reason…why should I spend $25 to go to the Park when all I have to do is hang out at my house and the natural world comes to visit me?  Almost daily, I’m visited by monkeys – mostly capuchin (white faced monkeys) and squirrel monkeys and there are always new and interesting birds flying around the trees.

On a recent Skype business call I was sitting outside on my terrace as my housekeeper was cleaning inside.  In less than 30 minutes…there was a gladiator frog sleeping on the wall next to me, two toucans flying through the trees, a black squirrel (yes black) running around the branches, a white horse hanging out in the open space next to my house and several capuchins on the tree about 6 feet away from me.

Costa Rica Toucan

A few days ago, there was a gigantic moth hanging out on my screen door all day and of course, there are geckos and lizards running all around my house, inside and out.  One day last week, I found muddy hand prints on my clean sheets that were drying outside.  They came from the squirrel monkeys who were playing on the railing!  I also now understand why none of my seeds grow!

Costa Rica Squirrel Monkey 2

Caught in the act!

And just yesterday, the property owner came knocking on my door to tell me the best news yet…she said “Perezoso!”  Next to squirrel monkeys, sloths are probably my favorite wild animal here in the Costa Rica rainforest.

Costa Rica sloth

Yes, I live in the jungle.   I’ll probably be going to the Park in a few weeks with friends but for now, I’m enjoying the jungle life in my backyard.

Enjoy the slideshow…

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Pura vida…Chrissy

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