A Visit to Manuel Antonio National Park

Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa RicaAs I mentioned in a recent post, I recently had a visit from an old California friend and his family.  While seeing the wildlife was possibly the most exciting thing for them, the most exciting part for me (besides seeing him and his family!) was the “gifts” he brought me from Amazon.com.  Yes, I can now happily say that I finally have a Downy softener ball.  Never thought that would be so exciting but trust me, it is.  I also now have, amongst other things, corers for pineapples and mangos.  YAY!   Life just got a little more simple.

Okay but onwards to our day at the park.  My Tico friend was also staying with me at the time so we met the family at a local soda for breakfast and then met our private tour guide, Johan Chaves, who would take us on an easy walk along the main trail of the park.  I’m always in awe of these expert guides who know where everything is.  I realize that much of the natural world doesn’t often move around too much, especially the little things like spiders, snakes and bats.  But still, they’re so good at finding even the tiniest of creatures.  I was really hoping we’d see the yellow pit viper that he had been seeing the last few weeks but no such luck.  No snakes whatsoever seen on the tour that morning.

What totally made my day though was not the big animals like the monkeys and sloths but seeing one small insect: the tiny rainbow grasshopper.  Oh wow, I have only seen photos of this little guy and was so excited when Johan found one.  It’s so beautiful with its many stunning colors!

Costa Rica Rainbow Grasshopper

We were also so lucky that the weather held out for us the entire day.  The day before, it had poured down rain all morning long.  And Matthew confirmed my sentiment that the rain here is different from that of California.  I thought maybe I was exaggerating when I say things like that but was pleased to know that he was in agreement.  It’s just different.  You have to experience it for yourself to fully understand.

The end of the tour landed us at the beach where we spent a little time exploring and cooling off in the tropical water.  The beach inside the park is very calm with almost no currents.  We also spent quite a bit of time shooing the raccoons and monkeys away from our belongings.  Never walk away from your belongings and leave your backpack open or food out!

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Pura vida…Chrissy