More on the Yellow Lemons in Costa Rica (or lack thereof)

Limon signIt’s been awhile since I wrote about how there are no yellow lemons in Costa Rica.  But just to prove my point that this is not a rant that only I am on…

On my blog’s daily stats, I can see how people arrived to my page and what pages they viewed.  Sometimes it’s facebook or through the email subscriptions but often times, it’s through a Google or Bing search.  And the stats give me not only the number of people who came through that channel but also the exact search term they were using when they landed on my page.

And at least once per week, there has been a search term that contains the words lemon and Costa Rica.  I’m not joking!  So I am not the only one that is confused by the lack of yellow lemons available here in this country.  I know some of you think I’m a little crazy for incessantly complaining about this issue but now you know…there are other people asking the same question!

Pura vida…Chrissy