International Coffee Day

coffee beansHappy International Coffee Day!  Here in Costa Rica, we actually have a National Coffee Day on September 12th, but I figure why not celebrate both days since the coffee here is so good. Well, some of the coffee.  The best coffee has always been exported out but if you search and search and search some more, you will find a few notable brands to buy here.

My favorite is Dota.  Other people will tell you 1820 is the best but I’m thinking they’re basing that on price value not taste value.  1820 is an okay coffee to drink but if you have a few extra dollars and can find it, I’d splurge on Dota.  You don’t need to add milk or sugar – it’s perfectly good just black.  But it will set you back – less than 1 pound is about $11.00.

And in case you weren’t aware, there are actually some coffee brands that include up to 10% sugar in the coffee (you’ll see it noted in the ingredients).  I’ve been told it’s for two reasons.  One is that it’s a historical/traditional way to prepare coffee beans.  The other is that the sugar hides the fact that it’s a bad coffee.

A quick tip – you know you’re drinking a good brand of coffee if it still tastes good after it’s gone cold.

Pura vida…Chrissy