My New Roommate: A Baby Gecko

Costa Rica baby gecko


There is a baby gecko living in my bathroom.  He’s been there now for a few weeks and doesn’t seem to be growing (although I don’t actually know the time frame for gecko growth) nor does he seem to have the desire to move out into the wild.  I can’t imagine what he’s eating.  Except for the gigantic cockroaches that I also find in my bathroom (and again, can’t explain why they like it there), there’s nothing to eat.  Which brings me to my two fears for this tiny gecko – one: that I will end up stepping on it or two: one of the gigantic cockroaches, which are about 5x larger than this little guy, will eat it.

Costa Rica Gecko

Just this week

But I also don’t want to put it out into the wild as I’m afraid it will be eaten by the many predators that exist outside!  It’s just so small and he has a stub of a tail so I wonder if he’s already encountered one of the roaches (or perhaps it just takes time to grow)!  So for now, I’m just being extra cautious where I step and hoping the cucarachas don’t find my new little friend!

As a side note, I also recently had a butterfly find its way into my home.  I quickly caught it and took it outside, placing it on my mint plant where I think it was much happier.

butterfly in my housePura vida…Chrissy