Meet Chloe…

Dogs at Hacienda del Sol in Costa RicaShe’s a lot bigger now (A LOT!) but this little puppy and her sister, Lola (just as cute!), will forever be in the hearts of those who meet them at Hacienda del Sol Wellness Center.  While these little ones will steal your heart…fortunately, they’ve outgrown stealing your shoes!  They never ate the shoes…only ran off with them and hid them.

They still both incessantly lick your face however.

I think it’s so much fun to visit businesses where there are animals.  It’s like there’s a bit more love, peace and playfulness in the air when they’re around.  I thoroughly enjoy the many cats at Lola’s, these dogs and the cat at Hacienda del Sol and the Dalmatian named Whiskey at the local liquor store (my new favorite store, by the way!).  And yes, that wall is made of corks!

dalmation in quepos

I can imagine some of my readers (and I know exactly who actually) shaking their heads and thinking, no no no…no animals should be in businesses!  But I love them and think every business should have a domestic pet (adopted, not bought)!  I miss my little Harmony and the unconditional joy he brought into my life.  But I’m still not ready to adopt another pet.  There isn’t the space in my apartment nor do I have the money to adopt and take care of another living being at the moment but someday…there will be life again in my home.  Until then, I’ll enjoy the many mascotas that exist in the Costa Rican businesses that I love to frequent.

Pura vida…Chrissy