Ask the universe and you shall receive

yellow lemons in Costa RicaSometimes, magic happens here on the Rich Coast.  You just have to put your request out into the universe and practice patience (not a strength of mine however).  But the other day, my property owner asked me if I liked “lemons”.  Remember, there is no difference between the words lemon and lime for Costa Ricans.  It’s all the same – it means little green limes.  I said, sure, I like them.  So she brought me a bag of small, very yellow, lemons.  I assumed these yellow lemons were the ones that were either green or orange inside (the wannabe lemons) but I was grateful as lately, all the green limes I’ve been getting at the store never ripen and have no juice inside.

But then I cut into the little yellow “limon” and it was pure yellow inside.  I couldn’t believe my eyes!  I had been working about 15 hours a day at the time and the thought did enter my mind that I might be hallucinating.  I asked Grettel where she got the lemons and she said there’s a tree up on the mountain above the property.  Wow, a wild yellow lemon tree.  Based on the size, I’m thinking these might be meyers.

yellow lemons in Costa Rica 2Can you believe it??  Meyer lemons in Costa Rica! The house where I chose to live has an actual yellow lemon tree on the property!  Unbelievable!

Then another day, Grettel showed me the upstairs unit and I saw, for the first time in 18 months, a normal, full size frig.  The apartment was vacant at the time and I asked Grettel if we could exchange it for the little frig that I have in my house.  She said that was a possibility and so I’m still hoping that will come to fruition at some point soon!  The weird thing is, the day before, I said (to myself), I wish I had a normal frig.  That was because my frig was packed full, so much so that I could barely get the door closed. I even started storing beers in the freezer (they don’t explode because the freezer just doesn’t get cold enough).

I also recently just found real sourdough bread.  Mmmmmm, it smells and tastes just like the bread San Francisco is famous for!

sourdough bread in Costa RicaBut I did recently get some unfortunate news.  The supermarket that I always go to, that has the best quality and variety of products that I like (really the only one that has the quality and variety of products I need), closed.  I saw the owner’s daughter a few days before it closed and she told me they had sold the building.  However, once the dust settles and she takes a little break, she was considering opening a small shop that has items that are hard to get here since she already has all the contacts.  Like coconut oil.  And chia seeds.  We exchanged contact info and she told me she’d be in touch.

I stocked up on as much as I possibly could before the store closed but at some point, I’m going to run out of my “normal” food and I don’t know what I’ll do at that point.  I just have to hope that the universe has a plan…

Pura vida…Chrissy

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    have a great weekend

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