Life in Costa Rica: A look back at 2013

It’s truly been a remarkable year here, living in Costa Rica.  I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the posts as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them. And as we enter into the holiday season, I’ll be taking a short break from writing (unless some exceptional event occurs in my life that warrants an unscheduled post…you never know here!) and so I just wanted to leave you with this final blog: a look back at 2013.

For now, sit back and enjoy a photo/video montage of my incredible 2nd year on the Rich Coast…It’s a little longer than most of my videos but it goes fast and there’s lots of new, never before seen photos in it!

Pura vida…Chrissy

P.S. A side note about last week’s blog – if you only read it in your email box, you missed out on all the fun multimedia videos that I included!  So I highly recommend you check it out on my website, it’s a super fun interactive post!