Small Town Charm in Costa Rica

“I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today” said Wimpy…

Imagine going into a Safeway or Whole Foods, picking up a few items and getting to the check-out line only to realize you only have $4 in your wallet and (let’s just say for the sake of this blog post), they don’t take credit cards.  What do you think would happen?

You’d probably find yourself picking out the most important items that add up to $4 (which at Whole Paycheck is probably 1/2 of any particular item) and then having to let the rest go until you could get to the bank (and again, for the sake of this post, there are no ATM’s in either of these markets).

But if you live in Costa Rica, it’s a different story…for example, I ordered fresh cacao powder from Jorge at La Iguana Chocolate and he put it on the bus before I could even get to the bank to make the transfer.  Read more about that delicious food experience here.

Or just recently, when I was at my local fruit and veggie market and really only did have $4 in my wallet.  For some reason, I thought they took credit cards but came to find out that morning, that was not the case.  So while I was thinking about what I could put back, the man at the cash register was putting everything into my reusable bag for me.  I kept showing him I only had the 2,000 colones ($4) but he just shook his head, smiled at me and told me: no worries, just bring the rest by later.Vegetable market in Costa Rica

It’s one of the reasons I love living here.  Because small town charm is something you find throughout the country and it’s a nice reminder of the decency and kindness of others that is often lacking in more fast paced societies.  And unlike in the case above of Wimpy, everyone did get paid.