More food miracles in Costa Rica

I wrote about recent food miracles here in this post on my business page but I just have to share with you all another food miracle that recently came into my life…something I haven’t seen in 20+ months since moving to Costa Rica…Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups!!  I nearly started crying in the store.  There was only bag and it quickly made its way into my shopping basket.


The cashier told me that it’s rare to find them here in Costa Rica (so I’m not crazy!) and that he actually likes them (the first Tico to tell me that the combination of peanut butter and chocolate does not gross him out).

It’s a Costco size bag of Reese’s so upon returning home, it immediately went into my freezer and I’ll be able to enjoy these little treats for many months to come.  I am SO excited!

Since moving to Manuel Antonio, everything just seems to be coming together.  Life is so very sweet.  After all, as I’m writing this from my terrace, I can see the bright blue Pacific in front of me, there’s a monkey eating a banana (from a tree next to the building), a blue morpho fluttering around my house, latino music blasting from one of my neighbor’s home’s and beautiful blue skies and sunshine overhead.  And knowing that there are Reese’s in my freezer makes it that much sweeter.

I am one lucky girl.

Pura vida…Chrissy