The Cascade Shortage in Costa Rica

I recently ran into a friend at Mini Price Store in Quepos (I also call it my “little Costco” as they carry many Kirkland products and a lot of other bulk size products).  While we were at the cash register, she asked me if I had heard about the “cascade shortage”.  Not having had a dishwasher (other than myself) since moving to Costa Rica, I didn’t even put two and two together that “Cascade” was referring to dishwashing detergent.

Cascade shortage in Costa Rica

Yep, that would be a rich person’s problem in Costa Rica.  A lack of dishwashing detergent.  From what she told me, people were actually hoarding bottles of it for fear they would run out before a new shipment would arrive in the country.  What would those million dollar homes up on the hill do without their Cascade?

Pura vida…Chrissy