Don’t ask why…

It’s a common theme of living here in Costa Rica…a concept that you learn quickly but don’t fully understand.  “Don’t ask why”.  There’s just no reason.  There’s no reason why it’s taken me 11 months and counting to open a bank account for my business.  There’s no reason why one taxi charges me $8 to go half the distance that another charges me $7 for and takes me double the distance.  There’s no reason that the government screwed up and is trying to charge me $4,000 for their screw up.  There’s no reason why nothing happens by the police when you get robbed.  Yes, you have to file a police report to give the report to your insurance carrier but other than that, don’t expect any action, fingerprinting, or further work to be done. There’s no reason why you cannot have a personalized voicemail on your cell phone or why you can’t make a deposit into your account at your bank’s ATM or why there is only one brand of toothpaste in the entire country (and it’s not the one I like!)

Or the big one…the total inefficiency of the post office.  Don’t ask why I sent a package to Tamarindo – with an address – and it just sat in the Villa Real post office for weeks, never delivered and was eventually returned to Quepos.

post office in Costa Rica

So the saying should really be: Don’t ask why…Así es la vida. (Such is life)

In order to keep my sanity, I try to focus on the positive and the pretty things…like those wild pink bananas.  And my daily visits from endangered squirrel monkeys. And my yoga practice…which is a good reminder to just be present and not ask questions that you will never get an answer to.

Pura vida…Chrissy