It’s the little things that matter

I know the last few posts have been a little bit of a downer…showing the darker side of paradise…And it was totally my intention this year to create more positive than negative posts.  If you look back to January, you’ll see they were all fun and happy posts.  But then reality sets in as it often does.

So I’m counterbalancing the last few posts with a quick but important blog about being grateful for the little things…

Like my friend Adrienne, co-owner of Cafe Milagro, who, out of the blue, surprised me with yellow lemons one day.

yellow lemons in Costa Rica

The Cheesecake Factory-like avocado rolls that I just had at Sunset Place in the Quepos Marina.  Drank it with a Havana Club mojito and it was perfection!

avocado rolls in Costa Rica

The fritos I recently found in my little pulperia (haven’t seen those since moving here)

fritos in Costa Rica

Or the Mug Root Beer that I just found at my little Costco (again, at least 2 years since I had one of those).

Alright, admittedly, the last two items are junk food and not something I’d normally eat but it’s just such a treat…and a reminder that I live in such a different world.  Both in that they normally don’t exist here but also to be grateful for the little things.  That’s what really matters.

It’s also a learning opportunity for us all.  In California, I never would have thought that there weren’t yellow lemons, fritos or root beer in other places of the world.  I mean, there’s Starbucks and McDonald’s everywhere, right?  Wouldn’t it only make sense that other things like yellow lemons and fritos are everywhere as well?

I had a funny conversation with a Tica friend recently who said to me: “Maybe yellow lemons just can’t grow here.”  No!!!  They just don’t exist here.  If we can grow limes, we can grow lemons!

I enjoyed making all kinds of delicious creations with the yellow lemons and eating the fritos alongside my homemade veggie burger.  And what was most fun was introducing Root Beer floats to a Tico friend.  Not just because it was something he had never experienced but I was reminded of going to A&W out in the Palm Springs area with my dad many years ago, and enjoying root beer floats with him.

It’s the little things that matter.

Pura vida…Chrissy