Costa Rica Fiestas and Broken Rollercoasters

We recently had our annual fiestas (like a County Fair) here in Quepos and a friend told me a funny story about something that happened on one of the days.

Her kids and their friends were all on the rollercoaster as it was speeding around and up and down the tracks when all of a sudden, the ride was stopped.  The kids were at the top (hopefully secure in their cars).  And then a maintenance worker proceeded to climb up the ride to fix something that had broken.

It’s really not a surprise to me.  After all, I’ve already mentioned that the planes have duct tape around their wheel base.  And fortunately my friend has lived in Costa Rica for many, many years (as a resident and just got her citizenship a few months ago) so she wasn’t shocked or freaking out in the moment.

Only in Costa Rica…

Fiestas in Costa Rica Her caption on this one was too funny and pretty much sums it all up…

“Let me just tighten this screw here so the kids don’t fall to their deaths…”

Fiestas in Costa Rica

Thanks to Kristine Morley, co-owner of Manuel Antonio Vacation Rentals for letting me post her pics!

Pura vida…Chrissy