Mangos and Mangas

Did you know there is a difference between mangos and mangas?  Actually, a better question might be for most of my readers…did you know there is such a fruit called manga?  I get them confused all the time (so feel free to correct me if I’m wrong) but at least here in Costa Rica, they call the big mangos you eat the States, “mangas” and then there is a smaller version that they call “mangos”. (or maybe it’s the other way around!)

We’ve got both types of trees on the property where I live but I will probably never get to enjoy them…the monkeys will be eating these sweet treats and dropping the pits to the ground long before I’ll ever get to them.

Here are photos of the two types plus the pretty flowers the trees create just before the fruit develops.

mango flowers

Mangos in Costa Rica

Young Mangos

manga fruit in Costa Rica

Young Mangas

Pura vida…Chrissy