Semana Santa in Costa Rica

There are three times of year when I’ve been told to stock up on food and stay in my house.  First and still unproven are the months of September and October, our supposed rainy season.  Second is the two weeks around Christmas – New Year’s and third is the week of Semana Santa (Easter week).

Several people have told me about the holiday season here and I’ve always listened.  So really, I can’t report on all that goes on.  But I can write that at one point I walked into town and saw traffic on my little narrow roads…so many white SUV’s (AKA rental cars), driving on roads that are really more like one lane but we somehow manage to get two lanes plus an area to walk.  And so many people.  Actually, I was a little confused on dates and I walked down to the Malecon to watch the sunset with my neighbors (a lovely couple from Texas who I hope will return soon!) and was so surprised to see so many people there.  Only realizing later that it was indeed Semana Santa.

Never have I ventured to the beach during these weeks. I’ve seen pictures and I honestly don’t want to see firsthand the mass crowds that accumulate there, both from the tourists as well as all the locals who come from the interior of the country to enjoy the holiday at the beach.  I’m also told to not bother going to any restaurants as there will be long waits (lol, like the service isn’t already slow in almost every Costa Rica restaurant!). And then there are the dry laws from Wednesday – midnight after Good Friday…still in effect in many parts of the country (but not here in Quepos!)

I like my little piece of paradise without all the crowds of people.

Playa Espadilla, Manuel Antonio

So during these holiday weeks, I just stay put and enjoy the ocean view from my terrace.

I know the local hotels and vacation rental companies are happy that Semana Santa is late this year.  For some reason, they all tell me that when Semana Santa is early (like last year’s in March), the high season dies down much quicker.  I don’t really get it.  It’s still hot and sunny in April but that is their experience and I’m sure they are all relieved…both because it was a good high season here in Costa Rica but also because they can now take a breath.

My neighbors did venture out to the beach during the week and shared with me these two photos…TOO many people!

Manuel Antonio beach, Costa Rica

Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Pura vida…Chrissy