Facial Soap in Costa Rica (or lack thereof)

niveaSo when I say “facial soap”, I’m not talking about Lancome, Clinique, Origins…I know that would be asking for WAY too much.  No, all I’d like is some specially formulated soap that I can use on my face.  Not bar soap, not shower gel, not liquid hand soap…Facial Soap.

I don’t know why it’s so difficult to find but then again, I know better than to ask why.

I finally found Cetaphil in one of the local pharmacies.  It was your average size, maybe 8-12 ounces at most.  And she told me it was $38.  WHAT??  $38 for Cetaphil?  She explained it was the brand but still, it’s just Cetaphil.  It’s not Lancome or Clinique!

I know I can go to San Jose’s Multiplaza in Escazu and purchase any of the above for twice what I’d pay in the States but I really just wanted a basic bottle of facial soap.  So finally, after looking in every possible store, I got a taxi to take me to Maxi Pali outside of town (AKA WalMart) and there I found 4 bottles of Nivea facial soap for about $8 each.

And I bought all of them.  Yes, I’ve become a hoarder of anything that I cannot find easily in town.  If anyone would like to buy a bottle, I’ll sell each for $15 ;-)

Pura vida…Chrissy