Costa Rica’s Green Season!

kiskadee eating a frogThank goodness, green season has arrived. It started raining at night in early April and by Semana Santa, the weather had finally cooled off (to about 84F) and the nightly rains were bringing cooler evenings and mornings plus a freshness to the air throughout the day. March was muggy and hot. That kind of “stick to your chair” humidity that I have never liked. The kind that can be found on the East Coast of the US in summertime. It reminds me of how my sister once told me that I was no longer allowed to visit her in the summer because of my complaints of the humidity (nor was I allowed to visit in the winter…because of my complaints of it being too cold and not having appropriate winter attire).

The reason I love Costa Rica and specifically Manuel Antonio, is because it’s pretty much the same weather year round. Yes, March was a little uncomfortable but the other 11 months are perfection.  If I had air conditioning, then there wouldn’t have been any issues with the temp.  And here in Manuel Antonio, it’s green year round. There are a few trees that lose their leaves but nothing like the mass exodus of leaves that occurs in Guanacaste leaving everything dusty brown, just like Sonoma County’s summers.

I really have to say, winter in Costa Rica is probably my favorite time of year. The only downside is nothing dries. So my clothes will remain damp until December. But the days are still beautiful, cooler and it really only rains in the late afternoon/evening. And sometimes in the morning. Okay, it’s totally unpredictable. But that’s one of the reasons I love it. That combined with the spectacular nightly lightning shows…what more can one ask for? Plus the crowds have left…Bonus!

I never carry an umbrella but I have restocked my backpack with Ziplocs to weatherproof my camera and phone, should I get caught in an unexpected storm. I’m ready for winter…Let It Rain!

Oh…and as you can tell in the photo above…the frogs have also returned now that the rains have started.  This kiskadee was super happy about that!  Poor little gladiator frog!

Pura vida…Chrissy