The Cenizaro Tree

cenizaro tree in Costa RicaThere is this gigantic Cenizaro tree in my neighbors yard that borders alongside the front of my home.  It’s huge.  No picture I take does it justice.  It’s trunk is short (maybe 15-20 feet) but its many branches extend outwards in all directions and are each at least 30-50 feet long!  It is home to mossy branches in winter that are covered in bromeliads and wild orchids.  There are two black squirrels that run around looking for food and it’s a favorite place for white faced and squirrel monkeys to hang out, rest, and forage for lunch. Butterflies fight, making a clicking sound like hummingbirds, for their favorite places to rest and countless birds, including 2 beautiful toucans sing all throughout the day.  I also saw a huge green iguana with a bright red head seeking cover during a recent rainstorm.

cenizaro tree in Costa Rica 2

In January, as I noticed a few of the other local trees dropping their leaves, I began to imagine what this tree would look like without leaves and what color its flowers would be.  It wasn’t until mid-March when we got some high winds and all the leaves fell off the tree over the course of a 3 day period.  My poor housekeeper swept the terrace on one of her visits and noticed just before leaving that it was covered in leaves again.  She was going to sweep it up but I just shook my head and told her not to worry.

I was super excited at the thought of the flowers blooming but no kidding, 3 days after all the leaves disappeared, they all reappeared!  Fresh green sprouts popped out of the tree branches…and no flowers in sight.  It was about a week later that I noticed an influx of hummingbirds and then noticed the pretty pink flowers sitting on top of the leaves.

flowering cenizaro tree in Costa Rica

So that was the season for the Cenizaro tree…3 days of Fall, then summer with green leaves, then Springtime with flowers which lasted until just a week or so ago.  And now we’re back to summer (but technically, we’re in winter!).

Pura vida…Chrissy

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  1. That’s the fastest thing going in all of Costa Rica.  The local bureaurcracies could learn from it  Mom

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