A note of gratitude

For the next few months, I’ll be working with an intern who will split her time helping me and a local client.  Sam will finish up her studies at Bethel University in Minnesota in December and I’m so in awe of her as she’s actually finishing a semester early and has a double major and triple minor.  Plus, she did a semester in Segovia, Spain!

The Quepos Chamber of Commerce has created a program in which students from Bethel could come live in Quepos and work with local businesses. We set Sam up with a host family in Boca Vieja (one of the barrios in town) and from what she has told me, they are a lovely family.  They provide her with breakfast and dinner and they all watch 3-D movies together in the evenings.  She is also traveling with another student who is a friend so I’m hoping when she’s not working, she’ll have the opportunity to explore Costa Rica with him.

I asked her if the Tico culture is similar to the Spanish culture and she said well, the culture in Spain is laidback but the Ticos take the easygoing lifestyle to a whole other level.  Not that that was a bad thing…just so totally different from what she’s accustomed to in the States.

misc stuff

Prior to her arrival, I had asked her if she could bring a few small things for me…a kitchen sponge, nail polish, a new tank top and a few other little items.  She was happy to do so and when we met for lunch on one of her first days here, she gave me the bag and inside were also a few extra items.  She told me that her and her mom had looked through some of my posts and saw there were certain things that either I couldn’t find here or just couldn’t afford here.  I am so very grateful for her kind thoughtfulness. And this week, I’m enjoying freshly made almond milk and peanut butter and my house smells lovely from the lemon verbena candle (one of my favorite scents!)  Soon, I’ll be making some pancakes to pour the maple syrup over and giving myself a fun fresh pedicure with the nail polish.

Pura vida…Chrissy