Surf Season in Costa Rica

surf season in Costa RicaWhen Maverick’s was happening in January, I have to admit I was missing California a little.  Having gone to the big wave site twice on a boat prior to moving to Costa Rica, there isn’t much else that can compare to getting up close and personal with 40-50 foot waves.  And 40-50 foot waves really don’t exist in Costa Rica.

Playa Espadilla, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

However, we are in the middle of our surf season in Costa Rica and there have been a few pretty decent swells this year that have come to our local beaches creating good size waves.  Last week was one of those swells and I went to both Dominical and Manuel Antonio to do a little surf photography as my team member Kevin was visiting.  Wave height was probably between 5-8 feet so while not the size of Maverick’s monster waves, the surf in Costa Rica was pretty decent and also really powerful as they crashed to shore.

Surfing in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

At one point, Kevin came back to shore to reapply sunscreen and asked me if I was bored.  No, I’m never bored when I’m at the beach. I get totally lost in the waves, especially when they’re that size.  It’s just mesmerizing to watch, one after another.  My favorite moment is the glassiness you see just before it starts to curl over and become white water.

Surf season in Dominical

Plus, the one thing that Northern California doesn’t have…warm, tropical, crystal clear water…

Surfing in Dominical, Costa Rica

Pura vida…Chrissy