What I’m loving right now about living in Costa Rica

This is my third August, living in Costa Rica…here’s what I’m loving right now…

  • Cool winter nights
  • Indian summer days
  • Sunset in front of my house (although it’s rapidly moving south behind the mountain)
  • Longer days (by only about 30 minutes but still, those 30 minutes are important!)
  • How totally green everything is. In Manuel Antonio, it stays green year round for the most part but the green right now is just so vibrant
  • The raindrops glistening on all the green leaves
  • Mangos
  • The freshness after each rain
  • My new bank account functioning properly and accepting payments from clients
  • And…Not having to share internet with anyone!  It’s still slow but it’s not as slow as before when I was sharing with all my neighbors!

Sunset in Manuel Antonio

Pura vida…Chrissy