The Circus came to Costa Rica

circus in Costa RicaThere are times, living in Costa Rica, when I feel that I live in a circus, walking on tightropes and managing the many clowns that come into my life that turn everything upside down (and I’m not just talking about the monkeys who are always flipping over the potted plant on my balcony).

But in all seriousness, the Circus really did recently come to my little town of Quepos, Costa Rica.  There were messages on local Facebook groups asking if anyone had gone and if anyone knew if there were animals being used in the acts.  The reason was because my town, and this country in general, is very conscious of the fact that animals that are held captive by circuses are abused and mistreated and no one in town would want to support an establishment that harms animals.

But because Costa Rica is so far ahead of the game in terms of being environmentally conscious and well, EVOLVED, the only animals allowed in any circus in the country are dogs and horses.  Still not perfect but so much better…a step in the right direction.

Here’s a great ad campaign that I just happened to see on Facebook that same week.  I believe it came from this site:

animals are not clowns


Pura vida para todos…Chrissy