Still Waiting for the Rain in Costa Rica

Today's Weather

Today’s Weather

We’re now in the lowest part of “low season”, “winter”, “the rainy season”, “the green season”… whatever you’d like to call it…and once again, for the 3rd year now, I’m wondering where all this dreadful rain is that people always told me about.

I had heard there were drought conditions happening in the Guanacaste province and southwest Nicaragua as of a few weeks ago but I don’t live in the tropical dry forest.  I live in the rainforest of Manuel Antonio.  Where people have told me that it rains for days on end and the canals in town flood into the streets.

We’ve had some wild storms, yes, but they only last a few hours.  Not days.  Hours.  I’m still waking up to blue skies and sunshine nearly every day.

Of course I’m grateful for the sunshine but there’s two reasons why I want it to rain (and they are the same two from the last 2 years).

1. We can always use more water.  That’s just a given.

2. I keep planning these big projects to work on during the months of September and October, thinking I’ll be stuck inside my house for days on end and then when the rain doesn’t come, I feel torn between enjoying the sunshine and actually doing my work. (It’s a hard life, I know).

So I’m waiting for the rain and hopefully (if I can actually stay glued to my computer long enough to finish my work!) I’ll have an announcement for you all in the coming weeks.

Pura vida…Chrissy