It’s a small small world

It’s a small small world, especially here in Costa Rica with a population of just about 4.5 million.  I am constantly running into people I know, which never really happened to me in California!

A few weeks ago, I got a facebook message from a woman, unknown to me, who lives in Miami.  She introduced herself and wrote that while I didn’t know her, she had recently found my blog and was so happy to see a picture of her parents.  The blog she was referring to was this one here that I wrote last August about the reforestation day that I attended with Titi Conservation Alliance, one of my non-profit clients.

Property 1

She told me that her brother had shown the blog to her parents and they were super happy about what I wrote and that they remember me as well.  I still think about Jorge and Mireya often as they were such a kind and lovely couple, inviting me into their home for snacks after the hot day of planting trees on their property. They had graciously invited me to return to their home and while I’d love to visit, it’s just so difficult to get to where they live without a car.  But someday I do hope to return and see them again. Plus, wouldn’t it be so much fun to play on the swings!

property 2

While she is living in Florida now with her family, she told me that she hopes to visit Costa Rica in 2015 for a vacation.  I so hope I’ll be able to meet her at that time.  I absolutely love how we can make connections like this.  It reminds me of just how small our big world is and that we are all interconnected.

Pura vida…Chrissy