A few quick updates

Remember when I was having that really bad week last month? Well, here are some updates…

The protein powder finally arrived – 2 weeks after I wrote the blog and a month after I had ordered it.  It was shipped next day so it was held hostage in Miami and then in San Jose by the Ministry of Health for 4 weeks.  I understand that vegetables are not very common here but please, I am not shipping in pea flavored cocaine disguised as protein powder.  And what was even more frustrating was none of it was even opened!  So they just sat on it for several weeks for no reason other than to get more money out of me (as I also had to pay the Ministry of Health a “fee”).

The accountant who wanted to charge me $500 for year-end tax preparation contacted me about 2 weeks after I told him that I would not pay that much and offered to do it for $300.  What would that mean exactly?  That he knew he was overcharging me to begin with and just wanted to see if I was a naive gringa who would pay it?  Just last week I had another similar situation where I was flat out told I would have to pay more than the Ticos pay for the same services.  This wasn’t a situation like…trying to get into the National Park at the resident rate or getting a resident fare on Nature Air.  In this situation, it wouldn’t have mattered if I had my residency or not (which, yes, is still pending), it was purely based on the color of my skin. To say I was infuriated would be an understatement.

I maybe shouldn’t have complained that there hadn’t been much rain…because we have had some intense storms and I ended up with several leaks in my apartment.  One in my kitchen through the light/fan combo which means I no longer have a light or fan in the kitchen (not great when it’s 80 degrees and 80% humidity inside the kitchen), one over my yoga mat (and that is the only place my yoga mat fits in my small house), three next to my coffee table, two dripping down the wall between my apartment and the studio next to me, five on the sofa and two on opposite sides of my bed. So I couldn’t even move my bed over a few inches to one side to get out of the dripping drops of water.

The owners had attempted a patch repair of the roof:

roof 1

But when that didn’t work, they then decided to construct a new roof over the terrace.  Which then led to more problems because of course there was limited funds and the workers didn’t always show up.  Plus, the municipality showed up because she didn’t have permits for the structure.

When we eventually tried to turn the light back on in the kitchen (just to check it), sparks flew, the owner grabbed her 3 year old son out of fear and there was the smell of fire.  Her husband told me…maybe another few days.  They did kindly offer me one of their other units that was available but I just figured, I’ll deal with the leaks.  At this point, I’m used to life being totally awry.  The roof was put on the next day and with the exception of one random leak over my sofa, it has now stopped raining in my house.

roof 2

My internet speed is still non-existent.  They finally told us (after calling every day for 2 weeks and being told “mañana”) that the “cable they installed to the house is only suited for 2mbs.  It can’t sustain a higher speed and they will try to do something to remedy that.” Who knows when it will be remedied…

I never went back to the bank.  I’ll do it at some point (probably the next time I need to make a transfer) but if you’ve read other posts, you know I really dislike going into the bank.

My computer died again, this time it just wouldn’t start.  Thankfully, after talking really nicely to it, it eventually worked.  Now just the period key doesn’t want to work without a little extra coaxing.

And finally, one of my clients actually paid me on the day I sent her the invoice. And since other clients still hadn’t paid me for September (and it was October 20), my bank account did a little happy dance when the money was received.

One of my friends in Canada recently asked me – how are you not a raging alcoholic?

Good question.  One that I think deeply about every day.